As a leader in this new and evolving space of Social Investment, Dualis strives to raise public awareness to impact investing, develop SROI measurement tools, work with government agencies to recognize and provide a regulatory path for the creation of a social investment market in Israel.
Dualis invests in research and evaluation tools to measure SROI and has developed measurement and evaluation tools to measure the Fund’s social impact as conventional ROI analysis does not consider anything beyond simple costs and price.
SROI measurement activities are supported by a Measurement & Evaluation Committee led by Prof’ Shimon Spiro, former Head of the School for Social Work at Tel Aviv University.
Outcomes and Evaluation:

  • A research we recently conducted shows that at a cost of US$ 15k for training each youth in the two of our social restaurants, the research found a decrease in the State’s expenses and a significant increase in the expected revenues of around US$ 285k per youth – 15X social return in economic parameters.
  • We assess the overall success and effectiveness by an SROI measurement & evaluation report on the impact and long term success of the social programs with specific metrics developed for each social business.
  • We conduct academic periodic reports that track current programs participants and follows them post-graduation (5-10 years). Example – Qualitative research conducted in 2007 and 2010 with youth at risk in Liliyot Restaurant, by Dr. Aharon York, Bar-Ilan University found that 90% of graduates have jobs and are independent contributing citizens.
  • We distribute a “call for academic research” in which we choose to finance several academic studies as part of our efforts to encourage academic work in this new evolving sector.